Why Are Car Tires So Freaking Expensive – Reasons For The Constant Higher Prices

Why Are Tires So Expensive

You may not need to change car tires so often, but when you have to, they definitely cost some big bucks. Why Are Tires So Expensive? The rate of changing tires depends on the way you drive, the type of tire, the age of the tires, the frequency of your driving, and so on.

You don’t have to buy tires every now and then, but for them to last longer, you need to take good care. If your old tires are damaged, or you want to purchase a modern tire, you are easily looking at spending hundreds of dollars.

In this blog, we discuss the top reasons why are tires so expensive.

Solving The Puzzle About The High Price Of Tires

Getting new tires can be really heavy on a car owner’s budget. Let’s take a look at the reasons why tires are so expensive in the first place.

  • Cost Of Manufacturing

The biggest reason why are tires so expensive is the rising cost of manufacturing processes. Tire manufacturers use two different types of processes for manufacturing a tire. One focuses on performance tires, whereas the other focuses on the economy.

Both manufacturing processes use chemicals, steel, and synthetic rubber layers. Economic tires are cheap as they have fewer layers, whereas performance tires with more layers make them better.

Steel rods and beads used in manufacturing make a tire rigid and provide strength. The cost of raw materials is what means you need money to get and process. After sourcing the materials, money also goes into manufacturing, assembling, and shipping. 

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  • Research

Are all the tires the same? No. 

Every company uses a unique formula for their tire production. The reason is that every company is trying to make a specific tire for their market and customers.

For research and improving tires, companies pour money into scientists and researchers that experiment with various materials and chemicals. 

Famous tire companies like Michelin and Goodyear, with their huge facilities for tire testing, dedicate a large sum of money to research. Research obviously costs money. And that is why a premium tire has an excellent performance because they are rigorously tested. 

  • Tire Size

A tire’s size also affects its price. Large tires mean higher prices as they need more materials to prepare them. So, you can’t expect a car tire’s price to be the same as a small vehicle’s, like a bicycle’s tire price. 

Pickup trucks, tractors, and other large vehicles need even bigger tires and thus are more expensive. 

  • Better Tread Life

The tread is an important aspect of a car tire. It determines from a tire’s lifespan to how it handles certain road conditions. Tread uses the small tire gaps and creates friction when driving on the road creating a drag.

Drag helps keep your vehicle on the road, and if it’s wider, it can create a high drag, impacting the car’s fuel efficiency and performance. A trad too thin doesn’t create enough drag, so handling and applying brakes on a car becomes less reliable and difficult.

Tread wear also happens over time as the rubber in tires loses strength and degrades. The stone and asphalt on the road tear the tire rubber. Eventually, your tire becomes bald and loses all its tread, which means safety issues.

Manufacturers try to make tires with good tread, which makes them more expensive than those with low tread. 

  • Supply Problems

Sometimes when dealers have a supply issue, they hike the tire prices. If you keep checking online tire shops, you’ll see that tire prices keep fluctuating. The reason is the availability of tire brands. If certain tires are common with customers, they run out of stock quickly.

Season tires are also an issue, and if everyone is buying a season tire, they can quickly run out. If the tire you’re looking for is quite expensive, go for an alternative whose demand is not very high at the time. 

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Can You Save Money When Buying Tires

Yes! Use these hacks if you want to save money on tires:

  • Compare various tire brands according to their features and prices.
  • If buying second hand tires, choose those with a good tread life.
  • Always choose a tire with long tread life meaning buy all season tires.
  • Buy tires with a valid warranty so that you can get reimbursement if needed in the warranty period.
  • Buy a tire according to the weather conditions, road and car type.
  • Avoid speed bumps, potholes, tight turns, sudden acceleration, and such road hazards when driving your car.


If you are wondering why are tires so expensive, we hope you got a good answer. Various reasons contribute to the high prices of tires. 

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